Craigslist Scam: 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

I normally don’t like to do these kinds of posts, but my hope is to help others out who may run into this same situation.

Yesterday, on the Nashville Craigslist site, I saw a posting that looked too good to be true, and it was.

There was a post for a 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback with the price of only $3900.

I contacted the seller, and they returned back with the name Kristin Bennett and said that she was in the military on her way to Afghanistan and that the car was in Topeka, Kansas all wrapped up and ready to go.

She even sent me a Photobucket link with all of the pictures in it:

She then said that I would need to buy the car through Amazon and they would hold the money for me, but then once I received the car, after 5 days, I could either allow the money to be released, or I could get my money back.

They even sent me an e-mail with a header from Amazon with an invoice number on it.

The phone number they had me call was 1-877-357-4092 and someone answered the phone with “Hello, this is Amazon” Which I knew was false, because Amazon would probably have one of those “Press 1 for this option” prompts.

The VIN number on the car is 0F02L160534

Just wanted to let everyone know to be safe and this is a scam.

Photo from the ad.


  1. Sara Horn says:

    We had that experience, too. Found a great car, at a crazy too good to be true price, contacted the guy through craigslist via email and he was in Florida, and the car would have to be shipped to us. His first reply told me there were a ton of people looking at it. But then his next one seemed to be dealing only with me. There were a lot of inconsistencies with what he was saying. So I googled and sure enough, it was a scam. Biggest tip off was he said we had to go through Ebay Motors and from what I read, that was definitely wrong. Definitely have to be careful. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Justin says:

    Saw another one in Raleigh area and again in Charlotte area Craigslist. Same person, same story. 2005 Red Jeep Grand Cherokee, same price.

  3. susan nelson says:

    same thing happened to us only it was a boat, she was being deployed, and amazon was handling the transaction for her.