Woman Aren’t Meant To Do Certain Things.


So I’m not gonna lie, I probably watch more Sportscenter than I should. And the thing about it, is that i don’t even mind watching it again and again. I don’t mind watching the “Top 10″ twice or even three times a night before I fall asleep.

But about a year ago I started to notice something. It began one Sunday while I was watching a football game and they threw it down to the woman announcer on the sideline. Then all of sudden Hannah Storm (pictured above) is hosting Sportscenter in the morning as one of the lead anchors. And just this past weekend I turn on another sports show that I watch, Nascar Now (yes I watch Nascar) and who was the host?? Nicole Briscoe.

I’m sorry ESPN. I love you. I really do, but there are just certain things that woman aren’t meant to do. And in my mind, one of them is being a sportscaster. It’s not that they aren’t capable to broadcast sports, because I know they are, it’s just that when I’m watching sports, I would rather see men talking about it.

And the interesting part on the Nascar show, is that there were never any female Nascar drivers until this year, and what do you know. First woman Nascar driver, followed by first woman Nascar sportscaster.

I just think we need to put a stop to this before Sportscenter is filled up with all female sportscasters. No more Kenny Mane, John Anderson, Scott Van Pelt, or Stuart Scott.

And the question becomes…will I still watch Sportscenter more than once? Sadly, probably not.


For the past couple of weekends, I’ve probably watched more tennis than I ever have. Ok, maybe that’s a small lie, as I actually really enjoy watching a nice round of tennis, but this is the most I’ve ever watched a single tournament.

It was pretty late one night, and I turned on the TV and began watching the Serena Williams match. (Sorry I can’t remember who she was playing…and it’s really not that important.) Anyways, for those of you who don’t know here’s some quick facts on tennis.

– Men’s Matches are the best of 5 sets. There 6 games in each set, but a person must win by 2. So if it’s 6 to 4, then the person wins. But if it’s 5 to 5, then you play to six. But if the game is then tied 6 to 6, then there’s something called a tiebreaker. (Sorry to be confusing). So basically someone will win the tiebreak and it will be 7 to 6 for the game.

– Woman’s Matches are the best of 3. They are played to the same number of games and the same rules apply as the mens.

So in this match, Serena had lost the first set and was down 4 to 0 in the second. Meaning that if she was to lose the next 2 games, she would have been eliminated from the tournament.

This is when I realized that I always pull for the underdog. For some reason, I love seeing people come from behind in a game and beat the other person. A lot of times I’ll turn on a sports game and really not caring about either team, if one of the teams are ranked higher than the other one, I automatically root for the team that is ranked lower. Or if one of the teams is getting killed by the other, I automatically root for the team who is being killed.

I haven’t really figured out why I do this, but I do. The only thing I can really think is that while I was growing up, I always seemed to be on the bad teams. Whether it was in soccer, baseball, or football, the teams I was on were never good. Probably because I was never really good at any sports, but I think now I realize how these kids, and adults, feel when you’re on the team that is not very good, and I hate that feeling. And I would never want anyone else to feel that way.

This brings me to my next point. The New Jersey Nets. Right now they are 4 and 44. That’s right, they have won 4 games and have lost 44 of them. They are on pace to have the worst NBA record of any team in the history of the NBA. But what happens when they come on the TV, all of a sudden I become their biggest fan.

So with all of this, the Super Bowl is coming up, and there are two great teams playing. (I really don’t like either of them…GO STEELERS!) The only thing that I can guarantee on Sunday is that as soon as the second half starts, whoever is losing at the time will become the team that I cheer for. It’s just going to happen.

Just because I always want the underdog to win.

P.S. Serena went on to win the Australian open and beat the girl she was playing 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.

You can get me two times Favre…but not three.

For anyone who follows football, even remotely close. You have realized that yet again, Mr. Brett Favre will not be making a Superbowl appearance this year, as he threw a last minute interception at the end of the game on Sunday. Now i know that one little interception does not mean that they could have won. But there were close enough, with a few extra yards, to at least attempt a field goal, which could have made them win.

But that’s not why I’m writing today…

Once again, Brett is saying the he is “highly unlikely” to return next year.

For those of you follow sports, you know that he has said things like this for the past two years. Then he actually “retired” just to come back the next year to play for the Jets and then for the Vikings.

Well Mr. Favre, “You can get me two times Favre…but not three.”

I’ve decided this year, and I encourage you to do the same, to not fall into this media trap that is already brewing about whether or not Brett Favre comes back to play. Honestly, I really don’t care. The past two years, I actually missed a little sleep due to watching Sportscenter late at night just to hear what his decision was going to be. But this year, I’m not going to let it effect me at all.

And to be even more honest….Brett, it’s time to just give it up man. You are one heck of a quarterback and an even better athlete. You are looked up to by many many kids who aspire to be like you one day. Please just take the time to leave the NFL and give it up and to spend time with your family. They need you more than we do.