Losing my iPhone – Week 1

So I’m going on a week without an iPhone and so far, I have to say it’s not such a bad thing.

I’m not going to go into why I no longer have an iPhone, but our contract with AT&T is up on July 20th. So I figured for the next 20 days or so, I’ll go without an iPhone and then decide if I want to get one when we switch to Verizon.

The Good Things About No iPhone

  • 1. Paying more attention to my wife. – Most of the time when we were out to dinner or even eating at home, we would have great conversation while we were in the middle of eating, but as soon as the eating was over, I found myself going to my phone and checking Twitter and Facebook and my e-mail. Ever since I got rid of the iPhone, I now find myself continuing the conversation well past desert.
  • 2. Staying focused on people I’m visiting with. – Not only was I finding myself doing this with my wife, but I also found myself using my phone when visiting with friends, whether it was over food, or even meeting some of my old youth group for coffee. I also just finished a week of VBS at my church and we all spent the first 15 minutes looking at our iPhones/iPods/iPads, instead of having conversations.
  • 3. Not needing to have it in my hand all day long. – My Pastor made a comment one time that he sees all of these people walking around with one of their limbs being used, because they are carrying their phones. After he said this, I began seeing it happen all of the time. People are using their elbows to open doors, because they are carrying their phone in their other hand. Ever since giving up the iPhone, I’ve actually forgot multiple times where my phone was and it felt really good.
  • The Bad Things About No iPhone

  • 1. Directions – The other day I was headed to a place that I’ve never been and normally I would pull out my iPhone and find directions and just use the phone to lead me there, but I actually ended up having to print off directions from MapQuest. It wasn’t that bad, but it definitely needed to be done beforehand and couldn’t just be a spur of the moment thing. BUT… I also have a GPS in my car and I know that Verizon has their own VZ Navigator that I could always use on another phone.
  • 2. Notes – I would use notes for anything and everything. I would use them for notes in church, grocery lists, and I even started a little early Christmas list of items that I wanted to ask for on Christmas. But ever since getting rid of the iPhone, I’ve had to go back to writing things on pieces of paper, and then I would lose them and have no clue where I put them. BUT… The good news is that most phones do have a notes section on them. It may not be as easy to use as the iPhone, but I can still keep track of things better.
  • 3. Calendar – My good friend, Todd Stepp asked me if I could go golfing with him. Checked my schedule and I was open, so I told him that I could. The next day, I walk in to work and my co-worker asked if I could cover her shift on the same day that I was supposed to go golfing. Because my memory isn’t the greatest, I told her I could without even thinking about golfing. When I got home, I realized the mistake I made and was able to get the shift at work covered, but I’m very certain that with a calendar, that I wouldn’t have double booked myself like that. BUT…. There’s calendars on a normal phone as well. Once again, it won’t be able to sync with my Google calendar, but I’m sure with a little work, I can make it work.
  • 4. Reading – This is probably the only big thing that I’ll miss about my iPhone. I’ve really started to love reading and was burning through books on my iPhone, but ever since giving it up, I haven’t ready much at all. Now, I do have my iPad which I can read on, and I know there’s always things like Kindle’s and such, but I really do miss the small screen and how I was able to read through books rather quickly on there. Sorry there’s no BUT…
  • Overall, I think the Good things out weigh the Bad things for sure. Now if I can only find a small screen that I can read books on, like would be perfect.

    Still have about 13 days to decide…do you think you could go without your smart phone?

Welcome To The Future.